Sunday, March 22, 2009


This is the end of my posts.
NO, it didnt end like that.
We had so much stuff going on before stepping forward.
But i just wanna close my blog, or like... not continue it.
sorry.. its nothing personal.

p.s. your mean comments is like hell burning my heart.
you dont understand what im going through,so dont try to ease your pain or mine by insulting. allah ya36ekom il 3agl.. and have a great life.

oh and to al l my great readers, i really appreciate your sweet thoughts and considerations. Honestly, it made me smile. ThankYou.


  1. I'm in love with your story! its amazing wallah I really enjoy reading it.. dnt let lame ppl get to you, misakeen nas tafha ma 3endihum anything better to do eb 7ayat.hum so yeg3idun yeghal6un 3ala enaas.. trust me ignore them, etha kentay miqtan3a enich ma sawaitay shay ghala6 then ma sawaitay shay ghala6 and thats the end of it. malich shigil eb kalam el nas el tafha, they are just jealous.. lat7ireen ru7ich 3alaihum they are not worth it tara;)... It would mean a lot if you stayed and continued your story, I love it and love reading it but its up to you;) thank you;**

  2. YOU WILL BE MISSED! oh me and my friends wont be able to talk about ur latest post at coffee bean before class anymore :(!


    come back if u want too ,, dont give those haters the satisfaction

  3. thats really sad, I honestly enjoyed your posts, you are a talented writer, and your story, it was real. It's a real story, one of the few ones there are.. Its a big loss.. I enjoyed reading your story..I had a strong feeling that it would be a story that I wouldn't forget easily, and that it would be one that would hurt my heart a lot. Its your choice, though.. and I truly wish you well.. Inshalla you'll have a happy life, and happiness will shine through soon; Allah ma3ach..

  4. i loved ur posts, bas 3ala ra7tich..

  5. I loved your posts quite alot, I actually had a hard time in the beginning following but then it got interesting :/ I'm sorry you're closing your blog but you could always go private or something.. just don't stop writing.. it's so beautiful :s

    Anyways good luck and you'll be dearly missed

  6. Babe, once again those people's comments are making great bloggers hide their talent, hell with them. If they are bothering you, go private;* wala 7abeebti your story is really amazing and don't cut us from reading it and listening to your amazing love story;* it's too good to be hidden, please 3alashani don't let them get to you, in
    the end they're just some people that are jealous or kids, trust me;*
    and babe no one said it was easy, I know it's so hard but how about give them a challenge;) this way they're just getting what they want

  7. This is my field of expertise, I think I got the worst comments from the anonymous reads trust me. I wanted to close down my blog and not put up with them but I thought about it and it would only give them the satisfaction that they got to you. I know words wont be able to change your decision but think of ALL your readers, the one who tune in each time and always have something nice to say.

    You have many options
    1. moderate comments
    2. no anonymous commenters
    3. go private

    I am just saying this because I went through this babe, I got the harshest words and they cut me deep but I stayed for all my readers, because one comment from them erases the horrible words from others.

    Please babe just promise me you will think about it, we love you and your story ;**

  8. please dont give them the satisfaction!

  9. How about you go private instead of closing your blog, and only some of your readers can continue, the one's who don't insult you ofcourse.

    Don't take whatever those people say to heart, they're just jealous or have nothing better to do then try and bring others down, whatever it is your better than that and you don't need anyone to tell you otherwise.

    Remember it's mind over matter, those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.

    I think you should continue, your a wonderful writer and telling us your story will make it so much easier on you but if you really think you shouldn't continue, it's up to you and I wish you the best of luck :*


  10. noooooooooooo dont stop!! walla i love your story, i can relate to it in many many levels, please reconsider it ;**

  11. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



    i keep on checking to see what happened

    oo btw so maku shay '3ala6 in your blog


    o btw chiftay what other blogs write? ma 3alaich min il nas, itha they didnt like it, laish yigroon?!


  12. oh nooooo
    u and my little secret!! :'(
    pleaaaaaase continueeee!!
    people are stupid
    oo tara i always here others talking about ur blog they dont have anything to say other than good stuff

  13. enzain shgalw el nass?? ana ma shft mean comments! dnt stop u need this 3shan u let go of him.. yala 7abebty dnt go private ow stop cuz i'm anony oo abe asm3 ur story :(

  14. i agree with anon... i never saw or heard mean comments;/ ;( please continue
    ur story is amazing