Saturday, March 21, 2009

MiAmor[9]; love is in the air [ this is to "my little secret" i hope you see this]

i couldn’t sleep that night, I kept tossing and turning. I just desperately wanted to know… how bad was that Shireefa girl was!
goodmorning Jassim :) wake up…
and im not calling you
because you’ll hate me (: and
im going to Paul for breakfast iley ib avenues
fa your most welcome

that was at 9, and I knew for sure he would probably reply at like 1?!
I took my books, and my laptop.
I wore my skinny jeans, and a white flowy shirt and wore my black ballet shoes.
I took my keys, and explained to mama that im going to study there.
When I got there, I ordered my coffee from starbucks and went to Pauls.
Kilish mafee i7tiram ;p bas I cant live without their coffee ;p
I opened my laptop, and started typing my essay… and putting sticky notes on my book.
The waiter seemes distracted and hated the fact that I was studying at their place.
But I kept telling him “5 more minutes, im typing the last word!”
7AYATI I miss you..
shda3wa you don’t ask about me
… dalioo hatha yzay oo athab6ich ;] jk jk

[ewww its shirefa ]

halla 7ayati
sorry walla so much stuff
and intay laish u don’t keep intouch ;p!

[uf. ]

Halla dalia, 9ba7 il 5air ;p
Omy tawha imga3datny 3ashan tabeny ayeblaha
Sha’3la min il jam3iya
Ba3d shway ayeelich

9ba7 il THUHAR ;p
ok yalla take your time
and shireefa messaged!!

7abeebty .. ana il7een ib avenues
H&M come.. lets get some girl bonding


Shireefa 7ayati walla I cant
Im in avenues now, and im typing my essay

wain ib avenues


Pauls.. im meeting someone.

ok.. fine… 3ayal… sometime later xx

inshala 7abeebty.

(uff il faka min’ha)

15 minutes later

yaylich il7een…

ok, bas ana mo ib Pauls.. i6ridony :p

ana a3ilmhom ;p

he called 5 minutes later
“aloo”- D

“halla, wainich ?”-J

“im trying on cloths in River Island”-D

“uh .. wain alageech ?”-J

“come here!”-D ( as i tried to zip my jeans)

“ma3rf waina, inzain… agolich meet me at Pauls, lana ohwa jidam wayhe”-D

“inshala,but give me a minute”-D

“okaik, bye”-J

I met him in pauls 10 minutes later, cuz a shirt caught my eyes.

“JASSIM!”- I screeched
I saw him sitting and smoking.
He was wearing a purple polo shirt, and grey trackpants(shkla 7ada not in the mood :p). and a hat, but he wore it backwurds, so part of his hair was coming out.

“halla dalia”-he stood up, and put his cigarette in the small bin.extinct.

“5alik ga3d sht3wa”-D

“la la, i7tiram shway shfeech”-he winked

“haha ok,,tabe tamshy wala we sit?”-D

“3al ra7tich”-J

“walk”-D ...I gave him the puppy eyes look

“5ala9 WALK it is !”-J

“dalo, 3a6eny jan6itch iley feha laptop!”-J

“la la 5aleha ma3y!”-d

“byinksr thahrch, 3a6eeniyaha”-J

“jassim mo thgeela!!”-D

“3adi, 3a6eny yaha oo ray7eeny”-J

I gave in, and gave it to him.


“wain wain ??”-J

“zara,, OH OH by the way!! I got you something”-D

“shino haha”-J

“ta3al il dressing room.”
We went in, and into the room.

“ok shoof, hatha it just caught my eyes, and I thought it would look AMAZING 3alaik”-D

“wareeny ya!!!!”-J

“first drum rolls!”-D

“please jassim please!!”-D

“ukh , ok dum dum dum”- he looked upwards
and I started laughingggggggggggggggg!!

“yalla kahoo yal fashill hahah!!”-D


It was a power rangers shirt ;]

“laaaaaaaaaa2 laaaaaaaaaa2 magdar!! Ana wallllaaaa mooo 3omry ithnain”-J

“try it,,” as I unlocked the door and stood outside.



and he closed the door.slowly,passing his gloomy face.

He came out, and I got my bb out.


“haaaaaaahahahahahaha yoou look so cute walla hahahaah”-D

he came close to me, and started pinching my cheecks.
And yes we were in a girls dressing room
And that lady stared at us like we were insane, she stared making calls
Jassim noticed.
And ignored.(he was a bit disappointed)
He went inside and changed.
We went out, and started to talk.
You should have seen the peoples faces…
So dramatic
“Umbay, hathy mnin9ij’ha wain ga3dain?”
I heard people say as we passed by.

We walked to the end of avenues, it was so empty there, we were the only people.
He put his arm around my shoulders, and his face close to mine.
I felt so cuddled
“wallaw!!it was so fun”-D

5osh company! Ma ti3zimony?

His arms cuddled me so hard

“jassim ma giltle 3an shirefa”-D

“ee.. wala hal bint 9ay3a!”-J

“she just messaged me, look”-D

“shino ya3ni, 5osh company? Min 9ij’ha.. goléelaha ma7d 6ilab raych.. 5al tathlif.”-J

he let go of his hand, and i stood infront of him.
“see that’s what I don’t understand,,, weren’t you like friends with her”- I started talking with my hand gestures.

“hadday balich… bas ina il shabab galoley ina shayfeen’ha ib 7aflat wa7d, shes drinking and smoking.. alaho a3laam shitsawe ba3ad! Min 9ijich tabeny ag3ad ma3a hal ashkaal? Kil digega i6arishhly messages I love yyouo oo madry shino, oo aham shay you think artha inich tig3deen ma3a hal ashkal oo ti5tirb sim3tch 3al fathy”-J
I blushed. Ya7laila.
we stood by the stairs.
I stared downstairs.
He rubbed my back.
“madry min wain y6la3on hal ashka’l. wae3, that whore.. sorry 3ala the words. Bas jad, lay mita chithy.. ?y3ni shbe golon 7ag zoj’hm when they get married, I doubt they can even hide it, no one would want them ba3ad.”

“9a7 kalamich…”-J

“haha adri”-D


“laish.. 5al’ha twaly..hal ashkaal ma ystahloon wa7da nafsy”- I teased

he put his arm on my sholders, and hugged my so hard.
Uf It felt too warm and right… butterflies.. butterflies, and more butterlflies.

we walked, and I put my hand in his waist. Uf. It just felt right.
But still… that doesn’t mean were a couple right? Were just friends :)
I wasn’t crossing any boundaries.
I guess..


  1. I have been out of the blogsphere for a while now and I get my updates min love! wooow thank you honey so much intay one of my favorite bloggers and for you to dedicate this post to me means the world, im sorry for my sudden disappearance things are not going according to plan.
    Thank you babe for this ;*

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  3. cutiieee
    wallah thank you for writing ;***
    hold on, inshallah things will get better ;**

    oo i'm planning to do something for my little secret like a protest or something... have a like a post for her and then people comment to get her back or something
    i'll tell you when i'm gunna post it..


    i can't wait to see more of J... keep him alive in your memories, always remember him this wayy :)

    xoxo ;*

  4. looool ahm shay friends oo u guys r touching.. 5osh 9daqa :P:P la la ana agool bg oo gf mn 9j ;)

  5. sniff sniff:(
    I love Jassim
    they match each other perfectly;*
    once again thank you for sharing an amazing, sensational story;**

  6. I love it! Please update!