Friday, July 10, 2009

MiAmor[16]; When everything feels right...something always has to go wrong...

deticated too cupid.. iloveu;*
Incoming Call.


"na3ama torfisich , maygooloon na3aam igooloon .."-J

killa ma a5alee ikamil kalama.hehe
"Shtabeny agool... hi baby, hi cookie, hi boo?"-D

"5arabty mazajy.. zain chithy?"-J

6oo6 6oo6
"Jassim 3andy mokalima thanya"-D

"inzain!!... 3asa mo imra8ma rayal oo 5asha 3any?"-J

"afa 3alaik bes;)!!"-D
incoming call

"halla moma"-D ( she's my cousin)

"halla dalooy keef il 7aal?"-M ( mariam is the closest person to me, honestly.)
we talked on the phone for hours, updated each other, because she was the only person i trusted.
"mooma akalmich b3dain, il 7anna gam ydg"-D

"byeeeeeeeee love"M
"halla wallaaaa!!"-D

"Dalii laish matrideen???"-J

"asif, kint bil telephone, laish? kint 5ayf 3alay?"-D (chuckle)




"kint akalim mariam bil telephone"-D

"mariam? Ooooh 9aa7 moma haha"-J

"haha ee waink fe?"-D

"bil sayara, baroo7 il chalet!"-J

"deeerbalik haa mawa9eeek mo tasre3 oo itahawar"-D

"inshallaaaaah dalii yallaaaa adig 3alaich lama ao9al yalla bes 3ad baroo7 "-J

"haha ok kisskiss…..Arrivederci.."-D

"aurevoir hehe "-J

8a9abta igoolaa lanni kint wayed mit2ethra min 13 going on 3o! yahel i know;p


"DALIAAAAAAAAAAAAA mamaa nizlay ta7at!!"-mom
i forgot what i was doing ib hel moment i think kint ib my room asolif bes il mohem inna i was in my room.

"inshala yomaa!"-D

silence .... shisalfa?
"omii shooo shisalfaaaaaaaa????"M

" daloia 7abeebty tawhom dageen 3lay bait il faani....?"-M
"walaadhom shayfich bil jam3aa oo 7abich wayed oo al7een oma dagat 3lay yaboon ya56iboonich"M

"waaaaaaay dalooooooiitiii kibartaaaay maamaaa oo hathaaiil koosh nas in3arifhom minzeman oo ibooch wayed m3a iboo oo 3amaama oo igooloon 3anna mazyoon b3d"M

"haaaw shfeech taa7tay"M


"bes... mno ohwa , youma may9eeer ma3arfaa mabeee mabeee"D

"haaw shlon matabeena oo intay moshayfita ya omi may9eer 3ala il a8al shoofee oo kalmeee bacher ita7asifain laish ma5athaitee"

"inzain shisma?.7ata isma magilteeli shlon chethee"D

"huuff.... isma Fahad. Fahad il Flani"M
hmmm .....!!!!!!!!
waaaaaait waaait Waaaaaait PAUSE A3ARIF HEL ISIM WAAAIT WAAAIT WAAAIT!!!!!.........

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MiAmor[15]; you are my second memory that takes me back to my unseriousness.Iloveyou...

Its about time aye?;p

some of thos messages... were in my inbox, and i decided to share them..

i also wanted to show you how typical our attitude was with each other... and how we are very attached and comfortable with ourselves together.


I messaged
wain nitlaga?

bil jam3a a7achech

uff... what will happen? ...

Next Day:

i barely slept... yes, im officially crazy.
the alarm clock went on.. no reason for it anyways.
i changed to .. my light blue jeans, and wore a white pale shirt.

in Jam3a.

i saw Jassim, sitting in one of the benchs... with his friends all over the place around him.

I messaged
i see you...

he lifted his head up, and was trying to look..
and he saw.. me.. standing next to the tree.

He stood up, and approached me.

"halla Dali"-J



"zaina... "-J

"7amdelah... ta3ly... 5an nitmasha..."-J


"im3a9b 3alay jassim?"-D

"la la.. bas um, ba'3ait agool ina... mabee y9eer bainch oo bain ahalch so2 tafahm..ibsibity.."-J


"la la, Jassim.. lat 7aty kilish.. ana nisait agolick a9lan..."-D

"shino?"-J.. he stopped walking and stared straight to my eyes.

"Sherefa dagat 3ala o5oy"-D

"na3am? shtaby ba3ad?"-J
and i explained everything to him :-)
"HATHY MA95AT'HA!! ana a3rf shlon at3amel ma3aha!! 8ilat adab!"-J

"ula ula... calm sawee shay"-D

"Dalia.. min 9ijch ma tabeny asawe shay?"-J

""- i doubted my answer

"magdar.. hathy iw9ilat 7dod'ha, ana lazm atfahm ma3aha"- and he walked away.

omg shit.
i went to class... oh god.. my mind was about to blow up.
i wish i can read his mind.. or atleast live it for a sec to know whats sturring
and what hes planning.
i dont even regret telling him, BUT... i dont want him to get hurt emotionally
or blah! ;(
i had to i had to i had to annoy him ....:-p
so i messaged
Inzain.. 3ady ma tifahm ma3aha ila yimkn lama a5l9 my exams?

loool ;p 3ashan itrakzeen ya3ni?

ee ;c

Dalia madry, intay mat3arfeen shkithr m3a9b... oo 3ad lat shofeny lama a3a9b.

ibrask hosha? ;-p

tha7kteeny.... ibrasy WAR

ok saw WAR ma3ay.. mo da3y it3a9b oo itkaber il omor

shlon asawe WAR ma3ach? tabeny a3a9b 3alaich ya3ni? mosta7eel :D ana bakabr il umor... baftha7'ha .. bint il zag

Itha tiftha7'ha.. allah yifth7k...

9a7 kalamch... bas Dalia... 5ala9 ya3ni ma95at'ha... intay shga3d itsaween? Rakzay ya bint... la ayee ma3a il jooty haaa ;p

laa yal 9ay3... ana ayee ma3a il ka3b.. bas many5ilgik tabchy 3alay

adig?wela taben lihwash jidam il nas?

chub zainnnnnnnn :-) i miss you

wala ana akthar it9adgeen?:*

laish il question mark ba3d.. AKEED a9adg hahah

agool,lat 9adgeen bas ;]

hayen ya bu tibn :-)

haynay ya 7ilwa ;)

laa.. tara ana brasy hosha.. dont be all sweet and charming


please :( mishtahya azif

7athr... lama ashofch takleny... ana malait azif il 7abeba

yal yahel! :-p i win anyways

bas hal mara


imbala... sim3ay il professar tawa 9ad3 rasy oo zafny ;p

shimsawe ya ubo il balawy?

ya Um il balawy.. ana ga3d ajablch, hatha shino iley imsawee..8al6at 7ayati

looool yala 3ayal T T Y L ?

shino ya3ni?

talk to you later

yal chicken nugget

oo zain.. t3rf englazy.. t9adg 3abaly mat 3arf?

HA HA HAY :p mat tha7keen, bas yala amasheha

T T Y L bgara

;* etc

"ouiii jassim"- D
i saw him walkin in the hallway

"ouiii dali"-J

"tadry shino tawny sawait? hahahahahahah"-D

"golaaay... "-J

"bas awal shay itgoly inik it7ebny , o itmot feny.. o kilshay"-D

"ro7ay zain.. shayfatny romeo?"-J

"int a7la"-D

"adri il kil ygool"-J


"la la ta3aly"-J
( he put his arms around me, so tight )

"yal ba6a"-J

"int il ba6a kilick"-D

"hahaaahah yala golay shsawaitay"-J

"mmmm 9ij.. agolk?"-D

"la !! 3ayal !!!"-J
he pushed me, and walked away

"hhahahahha jassim... ya rafee8yy intazerr"-D i started to act

he smiled and walked

"ya abyyyyyyyyyyyyyy "-D i screamed

he stopped.
i walked to him

"sho ya amy?"- he pinched my cheeks so hard

"ay ay jassim leet go hahaha"-D

he let go

"ya amar!!"-J


and so i left the building.


laish itfakren '3ala6



itsameha amar o mat sameny ;c akeed az3al

bas inty mo amar


intay akthar min il amar a9lan... intay il widyaan

tara int mo 9a7y

lama ashofch a97a

shfeck int?;p

walashay yal '3alya.. yal 6ayba ya galbi yale akthar min il AMAR

ula ula

Incoming call: mama

"hala wala"-D
"ahlain 7uby"-m
"mita bitrden il bait?"-M
"kany bil sayara"-D
"inzain abech itsaween jan6itch"-M
"o laish?"-D
"hahahahah mama:p shinno ya3ni matadreen"-D
"athen Qatar athen ya3ni.. oboch mo rathy ygool"-m
"oo shlon ma3a dirasty y3ni?"-D
"breaak ya mama... bas 4 tyam 3aal 8alel"-M

and i closed the phone.

Calling... Jassim

"yal ba6a basafer"-D
"ee ;s"-D
"lay mita o wain?"-J
"umy itgol 3al 8aleela 4 tyam"-D
"uha.. o wain?"-J
"madry.. i think Qatar?wala madry."-D
"lazm iro7en?"-M
"eee, my family yal shagol.. mabe akon homealone.. she 9er feny? amot by the second min il 5oof"-D
"hahaha maynona walla.... did it every occur to u that i might stay around?"-J
"la2.. uf ta3bana ta3banaaaaaaaaa"-D
"nafsy ta3bt minch.. namy il7en, irta7y .. oo a7achech ba3dain ok"-J
"oh laish?"-J
"lana ma malait min 9otk"-D
"haw shfe hatha"-D
"madry wa7ed bil sayara ga3d yra8mne hahah umbai shakla 3abee6"-D
"hahaah umbaii ga3d yl7agnee,,,, aywaa il7en athy3aa"-D
"intay shfech .. yanaity? mo chinch ta3bana?"-J
"imbala bas shakla 7ilo "-D
"hay hay"-J
"la ya romeo, ya ba6ee5a int wayed a7la.. ib wayedddddd"-D
"inzain riday il bait ana agoolich.. il7en!"-J
"ok... bas 5an athy3a awal"-D
"lat doseen"-J
"ee !!sim3ay il kalam"-J
... a few minutes later
"thay3ta.. "-D
"3afya 3al sha6ra..."-J
"yalla jassim... awad3k"-D
"bye yal '3alya.."-J
"bye yall hot"-D
"sta5forala 9ij yanaity"-J
"ma welaht 3alay?tara ana alyom.. athen sikart"-D
"imbala shlon ma olah 3alich... dgega ya ba3d CHABDY. mokalama thanya"-J
"uf fine".... and i closed the phone.
and you guys... sorry for not posting...
and you will understand why i have been apsent.. for a while... soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MiAmor[14]; what about me? why dont you think of me? [Dedicated to All my Silent readers;*]

i ran to my room, and started to think.
he probably heard...ofcourse he did...
he wouldn't just walk away...
Faj2a... my brother came in, sat on my bed... next to me.
"mino kan il walad"-A
"Jassim il ***--"-D
"uh....samee3 fee...hal walad mo hayen!"-A
"Haw... SHAKOO?"-D
"fee bnaya galatly 3aana... ina"
I cut him off..
"mino hathy?!"

"MINO HATHY?!!!!!!"- I screamed.
"siktaay!!... ga9ry 7isich... wa7da isim'ha shireefa....ma3aach bil Jam3a!"-A
"sh3arifick feeha?"-i tried to stay calm
"i5it rfeejy!"-A

"7abeeby inta! ihya MAL3OONA!"-D
"7abeebty intay... ohwa il mal3oon!"-A
"shaku shaku? a3arfaa oo galy suwalfa, ihya troo7 7aflat oo tishreb oo madri shino"-D
"min gayilich hal 7achy?!"-A
"sima3t min il nas, 3abood int iley wa5r 3an'ha!"-D
"ana a9lan ma ahtam feeha, bas yaat oo galatly ba8adimlick na9ee7a.. oo 5athat ra8my min o5oha oo galatly ina katha oo katha, chin'ha 3arfa ohwa biyee!"-A
"inzain ana baroo7 3and oboy"-A
"shbit goola 3abdulla!?"-D
"Father and son time"-he winked "lat 5afeen, mo3an alyom... hal shay bainy oo bainich"
"waay a7ibick, mashkoor"-D
i ran to hug him.
i went back to my bed, and got a message (15 minutes later.... ok ok fine 1/2n hour later)


*lazim agoolich shay...*

i dialled his number
but he shut it... ok...?

*mo chithy ... lazm ashofich!*
[Oh and to Love;**.... sorry i havent been able to comment in your blog... but i just wanted to tell you how amazing your writing is!(: for those who haven't read her blog its dont miss out!]

Friday, April 10, 2009

MiAmor[13];curiosity is eating me up.

And felt…
I jumped out of the moment.
And screamed…
my stupid brother broke the moment.
*ashwa ina he did that… or I wouldv gone too far*
“digega jassim…. 3abod calls”-D
“i5thy ra7tich…”-J
I ran upstairs… to his bloody blue room, and saw his blood immerge to his eyes.
“ay ma95ara … shsawait?!”-D
*he looked furious*
“omy oo oboy rathyeen.. .fa int shaku?!”-D
“3ala fikra… ohwa yay idarisny moo 3ashan iley int ga3d itfaker fee! Oo a3arf i7doody”-D
*his phone rings*
I headed to the door
“ANA MA5AL9T MINICH!!! I7saby ma3ach ba3dain!”-3

I ran downstairs and apologized to jassim.

“yalla ana mashy…”-J
“ill talk to you ilyom bilail…review”- D .. I smiled widely
“ma athen agdar”-J
I didn’t want to ida5l.. so I just said
we said our goodbyes with a friendly smile…


id love to read comments from my silent readers.

and sorry for the short post.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

MiAmor[12];it only takes a while until you realize your attatched

It was Friday morning.

Alah ma3k;*
Alyom bashofich?

Ee! Lazim idarisny

Wain tabeen?

Digeega, ill get back to you bas da2eeeeeeeee2a ya 7ilo ;p

“na3am 7abebty?”- she said while eating her 7ab and watching Tv.
“mama tirthain itha walad ya baitna 3ashan ydarisny?”-D
“shee darsich? Mino hatha ba3ad?”-M… her eyes popped
“ydarisny Accounting… mama ana sa86ita.. oo mafe tutors this time of month!”-D . I lied
“wild mino?”-M
“UH!! Ubo yshti8l ma3a uboch.. wala mo ibeedy roo7ay si2lay ubocch!”-M
I enter my dad’s office, while he lit his cigarette in the bin
“HALA HALA!”(GOOOOOOOOOD he was in a great mood!)
“baba fe sha8la lazm agolick yaha.. mo kbeera bas ya3ni !”-D
“amraay 7abeebtY! A9lan mita a5er mara dashaity hal ‘3orfa?”-B
“haha madry… bas baba hatho mo il mawthoo3 ahhaha “-D
“yala amraay”-B
“3ady waled iye baitna ydarsny il mada iley sa86a feeha?”-D
“na3aaam??min 7athrita hatha?”-b
“wild *****”-D
“ee uhh a3rf ubo… ay wa7d hatha fahood?”-B
“la2. Jassim… baba a9lan ib nig3ad bil sirdaab!!! Oo 7a6 camera ba3ad itha int 5ayf 3alay aw 3abalk ga3d achathb…!”-D
“la2, ath8 fech, bas 5aleeny afakr 3an il mawthoo3, lana 3omr’ha ma sarat hal sha’3la ma3ay! Madam 7ag dirasa.. 3ayal ok.. bas ashofa awal!”-B
“ee ok! Ya3ni 5ala9 agola iyey?”-D
“alyom baba”-D
“5ala9 ay sa3a?”-B
“ba3d arb3 sa3at aw shay”-D
“ee ok ana bakon mawjood 3ayal!’-B
“mashkoor baba!”-D and I kissed his forehead.
And left his office jogging with happiness.

3afya digega!

Can u come over and teach me ib baity?

Ba..itch?ahalich rathyeen?

Yupyup! I just talked to them

5ala9 3ayal.wara koora ayelich
Hahaha ;)

5 hours Later
“halla, ana bara tara!”-J
“ok im getting the door”-D
I ran downstairs, I wore my HUGE white t-shirt, with leggings and house boots, the really short ones.Oh and my big glasses… looking so dorky.
“HEY!!!!!!!!!!!”- I screamed as I opened the door.
We gave each other a fast hug.
“sha5brch”-J.. he said.
He wore his black hat, backwords… but not worn properly .. I don’t really no how to explain it.. but it looked very heart melting.. and with the smell of his cologne. He wore a black polo shirt, with jeans. With his ray ban glasses.
“babaaaaaaaaaaaa”- I screamed giving my back to Jassim.
“yala kaaaaany nazl!”-B he screamed back.
…. We small talked then my father came!
“halla walla shlonick sha5bark”
*they salimd*
“walla tamam ib 9i7a oo salama”-J
“obook……blah blah blah
I day dreamed while they had their talk.
My father invited Jassim to his office.
I went to get my laptop and went to the basement, and listened to music 3ala ma iyee!
15 minutes later.. YES 15!!!
He came downstairs.. with my father. MASHALA 3ALAY!!
“yala 5ala9 .. daris’ha abeha ityeb bil imti7an imya!!”-B
He came to the table.
And we small talked between the lessons.
Anyways after he was done tutoring me, and I got every detail! Because it came out of his mouth.. fa ya3ni how can I not memorize it? ;p
I opened my latptop
And put songs.
I rapped with them, and we started laughing.
LUNCHHHHHHHHHh was served!
When I came back from washing my hands, he put this song
And while I was returning I started dancing,turning and singing.
He gave me this glare iley from up lay down… the checking out one!
But I didn’t care and I didn’t stop.
He pointed at his lap.
And I raaaaaaaaaan to him and sat.
He put his arms around my waist
And I stared at him.And felt….

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MiAmor[11] I want you.....more?

UH… I don’t know what I should do.. I mean what .. hu :S?

My mom looked at me puzzled, and thousand thoughts kept running inside my head.
I mean I cant leave him there hanging..
“Daliaa yala binroo7 il bait.. basna shopping 7ag alyom”-M

“uh..uh. ok”-D

*ring ring*
“sh3alamich? Digega uboch bil 5a6… halla ya 3omreeey halla”-M

I’ll think about it.

I didn’t know what to answer… I mean I’ve never had a boyfriend or any of hal sowalf… u no? and the fact that I like this person AND this person likes me.. is like a huge bombshell dropped unfolded and completely unauthorized.

3ndch il wakt kila

I had to think about this… it’s a situation that maybe sometime in the future I might regret. I had to be mature about this, and set my mind into it.
I’ve had other guys ask me that question, but I refused. The reason for that, is I didn’t really like them the way they liked me.
But now, I like Jassim the way I think he likes me and more.
You know when you can see the future for like a mili second, and then it just hits you that your living, and your in reality now…
Well I can see him with me… in the future.
I mean, I cant imagine myself without him.
Maybe its just hormones talking but, im the kind of person who sets her mind to things and always has to accomplish them.

“yalla dalia”- my mother squealed breaking my whole imaginary bubble off the knot.


We walked back to the car, and drove back home.
After changing into my night wear, and headed to bed… and thought about this for over I don’t know how many hours, I decided to call.
I didn’t want to leave him hanging like a hook, and I didn’t want to lose intouch with him; certainly not.


“halla Dalia!”-J


“adg 3alaich il7en!”-j

“uh.. laish?”-D

“maby il mokalama itkoon 3alaich yalla 7aboba bye”-J


*ringing ringing*

“halla… shta3wa jassim”-D

“ahlain, a7san chithy”-J

“3ala ra7tick, int mo bil duwaniya?”-D

“la 6ila3t imbacher, bacher 3andi game min 9oba7 alla 5air!”-J

“bas it’s a holiday”-D

“eee adri… bas shinsawee hal coach wayed imthari6”-J

“haha ok goodluck”-D

“mashkora….inzain ha fakraty.. wela lail7en time?”-J

“uh..e…bas mo wayed((7ady im lieng)) I don’t know if im capable … ya3ni madry a7is im betraying my family oo madry 7aram”-D ‘chuckled’

“intay walla mara a7d s2alch hal so2al?”-J

“imbala, bas I always rejected. Liana I didn’t like them oo I didn’t see it going anywhere. Bas jassim.. I like you more than a friend oo I cant do anything about it”-D

“ham ana I like you more than a friend…”-J

“bas maybe its for the best we remain friends …”-D

“ma3a benefits”-he laughed

“madry 3an hal sha’3la wallah!!”-D

“inzain hahah sim3eeny…”-J

“sh3indick”-I teased

“ill give you time… mara7 a8a9bich…mara7 I threatn you wella hal sowalf”-J

“laish int you threatened min gabl yaal shai6an!!”-D

“haaaaaaaaa!! Ana shai6an?afaaa”-J

“3adi as2lk so2all… bas moo t3a9ib!! jad jad”-D

“a3rf shra7 tis2leen!”-J


“liana agra mo5ch… oo la.. ma 7abait min gabl”-J

“uh.. mo layig 3alaik”I teased

“hahaha.. la la, bas ya3ni gabl ayam il thanawiya.. kan rifije ygoly 3an hathy .. o o madry mino, oo ygoly ‘yoba 3ady il3b ib mo5’hm’ bas la… ana ma kint chithy AGOOLICH YA DALIA ANA SHAAAAAAAAY!!”-He teased back

“ma fahamt ya3ni INTA!! Il 7iLO!!! Ma kan 3andick?? Int bas chithy ga3d itgool 9a7?”-D

“laaa laaa mo bas chithy!! Haha inzaiin aggolich”-J

“HA HA!! Wa a5eeran 6ila3 il 9ij”-D

“kint ya3ni … a7achee hal bnaya… kanat wayed it7ibeny.. bas ib mw8ofy kint bas bal3ab feeha… ya3ni bas chihty.. 5o ayshay”-J

“ok ok kaml”-D

“fa g3dna nit7acha bil telephone… bas ma gitl’ha 3an ay shay… lana a3rf ina mafe waraha shay, ya3ni kina bil thanawiya… shbin sawe fogha fahmatny?”-J

“ee ee KAMIL lat ga6i3”-D

“Yuma Yuma, inzain hahaha…. Fa il mohm bdait a7achy wa7da thanya.. oo lail7en kint ga3d a7aichy hatheech… ya3ni bas y67al6moon ib rasy.. ana kint ag3ad bil zigara oo asma3.. oo bil duwaniya kano ydoogon chinhom bugar… fa chakoony kint ga3d a7acheehom il ithnain ma3a ba3th madry shloon nisait, oo bas zafony oo madry shino … kan sowalif yahal… oo ana kint asma3… ath7ak ib galby, bas min yomha wigaft, lana jad many5ilg sowalf 7ob oo ‘3aram oo madry shino oo ana kint mo ma5th hal mawthoo3 jaaad”-J

“yal 7aywaaan haahahahahahhaa 7aram 3alaik umbay ahahahaahahh wala itha chaikatk imsawe feeny chithy a8ichk”-D

“afaaaaaaaaaaa… la la.. intay sha’3la thanya!”-J

“3abaly ba3ad!!”-D

“inzain oo intay.. mako?”-J

“la2 ana sha6ra”-D

“yalla 6al3ay..!!”-J

“uf uf inzain”-D

“ok … ta3rft 3ala this guy min rifeejty oo kan jaaaaaaad ywanis… oo kan yfham.. bas ma kint agola shay ya3ni any of my secrets ooh al sowalif, liana kint a5af.Fa il mohm 6ilab ra8my oo bidaina nit7acha bil telephone, oo kan ydig 3alay kil ma he breaks up ma3a 7abebta .. .fa yoom galy ina yaby ykoon my bf.. oo ana 6ab33an RAFTHA ya3ni RAFTHA! Oo ohwa y8a9bny.. ooo y8a9bny… oo ana l2 o l2! Fa gal ok 3ayal inkoon friends.. oo 9ij thaliana friends… fa fe yom ri7t ma3a rab3y chee 6al3een wela ma wa3ait ila shifta… oo ana ri7t in5ashait… madry laish, hahaha nisait”-D

“haha inzain”-J

“ee fa.. ba3dain ra7 camp oo bida y7achny min ihnak, oo ana wagaft amasga liana ma abee yfakr iny kint a7iba aw shay… fa lama kan ydig a7gira oo akon 9aka il telephone… fa bida il 7aywan y6al3 esha3at 3any,, iny kint a7iba oo ohwa y7ibny oo madry shloon… fa bas ya3ni wagafna in7achy ba3ath oo haathy ihya….”-D

“gawaad! 7mar… bas zain itsaween… walla ma yswa reputation 3ala sha’3la mafe as5af minha”-J

“oo il7en a7na shg3d insawe jassim hahahaahaha”- I started laughing

“la a7na bil jam3a, hatha ‘3air”-J

“shlon ‘3air ya3ni?”-D

“ya3ni kbar, shfech mo fahma 3lay”-J

“hahah oh ok.. liany ta3bana, shift il sa3a cham?”-D



“lat nameen”-J

“haw laish?”-D

“in9aly winam, tara ga3d a8mizllich il7een”-J

“inshala.. oo ana ba3d ahhaah “-D

i stil don't know how to work the private thing, as soon as i know ill tell you!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

MiAmor[10];only time knows... ((going private))

My mobile started to ring.
We stopped cuddling each other and got into shape.
he nodded.
"halla mamaty"-D
"ha 7abebty!! Lail7en your studying?"-mama
"uh ..tawny im5al9a gilt atmasha shway "-D
"uhaa.. inzain 5aleech ihnak ana yayatlich.. "-mama
((crap))I stared at jassim with a worried look and bit my lip.
"inshala, ya3ni yabelch cham digega?"-D
"yalla ok ana na6ritich"-D

"3asa ma shar?"-J
"omi ra7 tiyee"-D
"uha ok.. uh shloon 3ayal?"-J
"wallah madre.."-D
"5ala9 ana amshee"-J
"not now"-D
"ee ee inshala"-J

now it was his phone ringing
"aloo.na3am?.........yal 9aidaÖ kaaak.. ubook ya 7mar"- and so the convo continued...
while I drifted off to forver21. He was standing outside, in the stand.
I picked up a couple of dresses and some funky shirts... that had lame jokes on them.
And headed to the dressing room..
I put on a blue poka dot dress,and examined it on me...
*naah makes me look like a blueberry*
*my phone started to ring
"dressing room"-D
"yalla bye"-J

he came to the dressing room, but not call my name out..cuz obviously everyone would think were crazy.
When I finished trying on the stuff I got, I unlocked the door, and saw him sitiing and busy with his phone.

"ha 5ala9ty?"-J
"yupyup"-D (I winked)
"jassim come, inside"-D
he stood up and headed to me, I closed the door.
"im going to call shireefa now"-D
he gave me this serious look like MIN 9IJICH
"and i donít want to do it alone.. fa"-D
ìkany ma3achî he touched my hand and squeezed it. 
*deed, deed, deed*
by the forth ring  she answered
"halla 7abooba!!"-S
"halla sharoof"-D
"agool dalia ana shiftech ma3a jassim wela ga3d at5ayl?"-S
((jassims face was close to mine, cuz he was trying to itsama3))
"AHAM SHAY!! Ma hagaitich chithy"-S
"look whos talking " I mumbld to Jassim.
"la sharoof, kan ga3d ydarisny"-7awalt arag3íha
"y9eer 5air, tara hes mine so if you respect me back off"-S
((I giggled))
Jassim wanted to pee on his pants.
"agool, I respect you enough to do that, but I called you for a reason"-I winked to jassim
"and whats that?"- S
"ma a3tirf feech inich rifejty ...fa i5ti9aran.. I donít want to be your friend"-D
and I shut the phone.
Me and jassim kept laughin, he fell on the floor and I fell with him.. only on top of him.
His hands were around my waist.
"why are we laughing? I just lost a friend"- D *giggle*
"madry hahah"-J
---- mama caling
I punched jassim " sh sh , my mamas calling"
"halla mamitaaa"-D ( he cuddeld me so close, and put his face on my shoulder.)
"wainich? 5ams digayg oo o9al avenues"-mama
(( jassim kissed me on my neck.. woah ok!!)) 
I punched him.
"haha mama ok"- D --I was so lost with words.---
"shfeech?shal thi7k?"-Mama
(( he kissed my ears)) and I punched him again
"wala shay mama"-D
(and I mumbled bes to jassim)
"yalla alageech ib debenhams"-M
"okaaay byeee"-D
 I stood up, and held out my hand to him.
He stood up.
"uff by the way your leaving now"- I stared at him and started to laugh.
"la bacher"-J
"malee8 jassim :) " i teased
" bye "-J
and he hugged me soo tighttt, and I hugged him so tight back. 
"you smell amazing yal zag, im borrowing your calonia"-D [ I said while we were still hugging]
"a36eech yaa, walla yhimich"-J
"bas 3ad, tara f8a9tny"-D
"digega ba3ad"-J
"tara I sleep if you hug me to much"-D
*mama calling
"OMI GA3D DIG ya 7ilo, bas digega."-D
"mama ana ib forver 21"-D
"ee ok , kaho jbaly, digega oo ayelich"-M
"bye"and he pecked my cheecks.
((whats happening to him..?))
and he left, and I left...
My mom and I shopped like crazy. 
And we decided to rest in starbucks.
I missed jassim already, last time I saw him was 5 hours ago :( 
yo, whats your pretty face doing?
ga3d ashoof koora ma3a il shabab
oh ok.. i miss you hahaha
walla ana akthar
:* ill leave you to what your doing
Dalia... will you be my girlfriend?