Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MiAmor[6] Dedicated to: Hi my name is...

Curiosity was screaming Jassim’s name.
“shyaby hatha i6ig ib direshty?”-jassim bawled.
He opened my side of window… 
“ na3am?...5air?”-Jassim strutted.
“la o5oy… bas kint abee .. Dalia!”- he talked with a malevolence and haunted eyes.
Jassim stared at me… now curiosity was spinning in his veins. 
I stared at him, scared… with fright and panic speaking for my eyes.
He closed the window.
The guy tapped on the window, once more again, but this time… his eyebrows were bought together, and a shade of red smoldering his features. His expression, was the most scariest of all appearance’s I have seen in a person.
Jassim, opened the door… and allowed himself out.
“na3am..? shtaby… ?!!” he screamed.
“ABEE DALIA!”-he screamed back.
Ummmmmmm WHAT THE ?
“lo kanat tabeek chan yatlik, bas ma tabeek.. yala ithlif 3an wayhe la a9ikik buks 3ala 9al3itik!”-Jassim heroically advised him.
The guy gave him the most vulnerable stare of all, and walked away, mumbling stuff.
Jassim came in… and asked “ shilsalfa? Shyabe feech hatha!?”
“madry… ma3arfa… a3ti8id hes my stalker, cuz everywhere I go… he would be right behind me.”
“ahaaaaaaaam shay !hahaaay! .. 6a3 hal mostawa hatha… wain ga3deen yubaaa!!”
“adri… shasawi ba3ad… ya3ni im too pretty..” I teased.
He smiled, and nodded.
“tara im joking, lat faker iny ana wayed wath8a ib nafsy.. ana sheefa !!” I scolded with a giggle.
“la bafaker inich wayed wath8a ibnafsich.. lana 9ij.. intay ‘pretty’” he mocked me, and punched me smoothly. 
“hey hey… yi3awer.. tar im fragile”-I hideously joked.
“ la laaaaaa magdar FRAGILE!! Hahha”he laughed,a nd pinched my cheeks.
I liked his laugh.It echoed everywhere, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was in the moon and could still hear it.
“bass 3ad 3an il ti6aniz…ana a7ib il nas il 9are7een tara !” I gagged.
“5ala9 5ala9 im serious!....... haaa raj3eeeeeeen?!”he screamed.
“yalaaaaaa!!” I screamed back.
When we got there, i opened the door and stood opening the passengers door to check if I had missed anything, im the type of person who runs of and leaves her stuff in other people’s homes or cars…etc.
“bil thab6 shga3da saween?”- he laughed
“achayk itha 6aya7t shay…”-I responded.
“la ma athen nisaity shay, a9lan itha nisaytay shay agoolich wayeblich ya bacher !”
“ee ok 3ayal..5ala9!”I talked as I tried to tie my hair in a high bun,  looking more like an alien.
“ok Jassim.. thank you for the brunch.. it was nice getting to know you!”I winked.
Wow, I just did that. After miraculously practiced trying to wink for a thousand years or so…?
“hahah la intay thank you!!...”-he winked back.
“you stole my move… give it back!”- I screamed
“ la mako… hathy 9arat our new greetings”- he laughed.
“fine, bas I do it better than you 3ala fikra… ya3ni!”I teased.
“y9eer 5air.. ni9 i3yonich kanat imgafla.. mo kilha.. fa lat 9adgeen!”- 
I pouted.
He laughed.
I smiled.
He smiled.
We stared.
“hahah ok anyways……. I have to leave.. MY CLASS ya baba!!!” I closed the door, waved goodbye, and ran. Hoping he wouldn’t see me run, just incase I tripped or something.
I sat in class.. sooooooo extremely bored;For I don’t know how many freaking minutes.
I took my phone out and started to message Jassim.
I messaged.
fe wa7da jidamy… 7a6a roob ib i7jab’ha… oo shes covering the board. 

He messaged back
 Fe wa7ed imtani7 ib mobayla.. o he’s drolling.
I messaged
Fe wa7da labsa fa83, shwaya oo iy3amy 3ainy ;p!
He messaged 
Fee wa7da lazm it’hid mobilha oo itrakz
I messaged back
Fe wa7d lazim ma yrid 3alaiha after this message 3ashan tigder itrakz.

He messaged
Hahay;p yalla good luck

I messaged
Tara bas magdar arakz ur distracting my studies

He messaged
Agooooooool!! Askit a7san.

I messaged
LA7THA LA7THA!! Send me ur bbpin.
He messaged 
******** ha.
I took a picture of the cubed girl with the roob in her 7ijab, and sent it to him.
With a text…. “7asait feeny il7een?!!”

He messaged
Miskeena.. mita bit5al9een!?

I messaged
Shakly ba6la3 in like 15 minutes… lana mako fayda min ga3dity.

He messaged
Starbucks ?:)

I messaged
Bas tara malait min wayhick , oo shino bitsaminy ba3aaaaad :P!

He messaged
Starbucks wella agri9 i5dodich tara HAA!!

I laughed… secretly.

I messaged 

He messaged
At8ashmar tara, yala starbucks

I messaged
Yallllllll 7anaaaaaaaa!! *evil laugh*

He messaged
5ala9 za3alteeny chithy tara.
(he took a picture of him with a grumpy face and sent it)
He looked so cute.
I cant believe how we bonded so quickly, I loved it.
The professor talked
“ you are more than welcome to leave, better than distracting the other students who attended to study”- he talked britishly.
I put my hand in my mouth, and screeched “sorry”
I put his grumpy face as my background.lovely.
I left class and messaged
“im counting the steps to starbucks!!!:P”
 He messaged
Fathya :p la la … ashwa .. ya3ni hal face sawa shay.

I messaged
EEEEEEEEE sawa!! 9ar my new background.

He messaged
Happiness is a good health, and a bad memory.
enjoy xx.


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  2. awwwwwh cuuuuuuuuute wallah heheehehe :Pp..next post pweeeeeeeez ;)..

  3. awwwwww
    omg amoot 3alai
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    i saw ur reply 7ag anon in the other post. :'(

    such a cutiee
    thank you for sharing ;** stay strong xxx

  4. LOOOOOOOOL! She kind of reminds me of someone;)

  5. Aww he's adorable,

    Keep the story going,

    ~ The best way to forget your past is to reveal it,


  6. Awww.. so cute
    thank u for opening up and sharing this with us 7beebty,, stay strong a7na ma3aki :* :)

  7. :* 7abeebti hold on tight inshala things will get better:)

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  9. You're a very headstrong girl, Allah y5eleech...

    Allah yer7ama, and may he find happiness where he is now...