Thursday, March 26, 2009

MiAmor[10];only time knows... ((going private))

My mobile started to ring.
We stopped cuddling each other and got into shape.
he nodded.
"halla mamaty"-D
"ha 7abebty!! Lail7en your studying?"-mama
"uh ..tawny im5al9a gilt atmasha shway "-D
"uhaa.. inzain 5aleech ihnak ana yayatlich.. "-mama
((crap))I stared at jassim with a worried look and bit my lip.
"inshala, ya3ni yabelch cham digega?"-D
"yalla ok ana na6ritich"-D

"3asa ma shar?"-J
"omi ra7 tiyee"-D
"uha ok.. uh shloon 3ayal?"-J
"wallah madre.."-D
"5ala9 ana amshee"-J
"not now"-D
"ee ee inshala"-J

now it was his phone ringing
"aloo.na3am?.........yal 9aidaÖ kaaak.. ubook ya 7mar"- and so the convo continued...
while I drifted off to forver21. He was standing outside, in the stand.
I picked up a couple of dresses and some funky shirts... that had lame jokes on them.
And headed to the dressing room..
I put on a blue poka dot dress,and examined it on me...
*naah makes me look like a blueberry*
*my phone started to ring
"dressing room"-D
"yalla bye"-J

he came to the dressing room, but not call my name out..cuz obviously everyone would think were crazy.
When I finished trying on the stuff I got, I unlocked the door, and saw him sitiing and busy with his phone.

"ha 5ala9ty?"-J
"yupyup"-D (I winked)
"jassim come, inside"-D
he stood up and headed to me, I closed the door.
"im going to call shireefa now"-D
he gave me this serious look like MIN 9IJICH
"and i donít want to do it alone.. fa"-D
ìkany ma3achî he touched my hand and squeezed it. 
*deed, deed, deed*
by the forth ring  she answered
"halla 7abooba!!"-S
"halla sharoof"-D
"agool dalia ana shiftech ma3a jassim wela ga3d at5ayl?"-S
((jassims face was close to mine, cuz he was trying to itsama3))
"AHAM SHAY!! Ma hagaitich chithy"-S
"look whos talking " I mumbld to Jassim.
"la sharoof, kan ga3d ydarisny"-7awalt arag3íha
"y9eer 5air, tara hes mine so if you respect me back off"-S
((I giggled))
Jassim wanted to pee on his pants.
"agool, I respect you enough to do that, but I called you for a reason"-I winked to jassim
"and whats that?"- S
"ma a3tirf feech inich rifejty ...fa i5ti9aran.. I donít want to be your friend"-D
and I shut the phone.
Me and jassim kept laughin, he fell on the floor and I fell with him.. only on top of him.
His hands were around my waist.
"why are we laughing? I just lost a friend"- D *giggle*
"madry hahah"-J
---- mama caling
I punched jassim " sh sh , my mamas calling"
"halla mamitaaa"-D ( he cuddeld me so close, and put his face on my shoulder.)
"wainich? 5ams digayg oo o9al avenues"-mama
(( jassim kissed me on my neck.. woah ok!!)) 
I punched him.
"haha mama ok"- D --I was so lost with words.---
"shfeech?shal thi7k?"-Mama
(( he kissed my ears)) and I punched him again
"wala shay mama"-D
(and I mumbled bes to jassim)
"yalla alageech ib debenhams"-M
"okaaay byeee"-D
 I stood up, and held out my hand to him.
He stood up.
"uff by the way your leaving now"- I stared at him and started to laugh.
"la bacher"-J
"malee8 jassim :) " i teased
" bye "-J
and he hugged me soo tighttt, and I hugged him so tight back. 
"you smell amazing yal zag, im borrowing your calonia"-D [ I said while we were still hugging]
"a36eech yaa, walla yhimich"-J
"bas 3ad, tara f8a9tny"-D
"digega ba3ad"-J
"tara I sleep if you hug me to much"-D
*mama calling
"OMI GA3D DIG ya 7ilo, bas digega."-D
"mama ana ib forver 21"-D
"ee ok , kaho jbaly, digega oo ayelich"-M
"bye"and he pecked my cheecks.
((whats happening to him..?))
and he left, and I left...
My mom and I shopped like crazy. 
And we decided to rest in starbucks.
I missed jassim already, last time I saw him was 5 hours ago :( 
yo, whats your pretty face doing?
ga3d ashoof koora ma3a il shabab
oh ok.. i miss you hahaha
walla ana akthar
:* ill leave you to what your doing
Dalia... will you be my girlfriend?


  1. awww thats sooo sweet....

    love your blog btw o its sad that ppl make you go private cuz of their stupidity..

  2. I LOVE YOU;**
    Thank you so much for considering what we said and the fact that you're going private, I swear your story is just amazing, and 7aram people don't know about this amazing love story;*
    And Jassim "siiiiiiigh"
    love, it really expresses sorry;*

  3. LOOOOL ok miskeena Shareefa i feel bad for her bas law tadry ineh Jassim kan ga3id yitsama3 3ala il telefone. LOOOOL. bas tistahal. ilkil malha?? eshda3wa??

  4. of course she would, she would be delighted to be your girlfriend:)

  5. thank you so much the post was amazing, I loved it, jassem is funny, espicially when he was listening to the phone call haha she deserved it na3am shaku he's mine?

    thank you again, loved it!;**

  6. hi...
    if you go private... will we be able to read your story or do you have to send you our emails for the continuation of the story?


  7. Awwwwh! A7es you both look cute in avn.:* can you please invite me to ur blog before you go private?

  8. I ADORE YOUR BLOG!!! Please don't let them haters get to you. What are they complaining about anyways?

    P.S. If this character is based on your personality/is you... Then I think you're an awesome person, seriously!

    P.P.S. Please invite me! *puppy eyes* ...or whatever...I don't really know how his private thing works. :p

  9. no i love ur blog ive been a silent reader all this time ... how can i be invited ?

  10. i love your blog!..
    i want to be invitied shloon?

  11. if i want to get invited, should i send you an email?

  12. say yes...SAY YES ;**

    I want to be invited please, so where do we leave our emails ?? ;**


  13. Hi i love ur story can u please add me to the private list thingi ;P .. my email is

  14. i wana be invited too lool bas i duno wat i have to do..

  15. hey how can we get invited

  16. hey ive been a silent reader.. how can i get invited?

  17. Ummm... do we post our emails here?

  18. hey .. im a silent reader and when i saw that u'r going private i wanted to comment.. pls i wanna know how can i get invited ;D

  19. UR BACK!!!!
    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;***
    and of course ana abii akoon on the private list *na8za* hehe;p
    how are you now? :)

    and btw cutie pie, J!
    what's gunna happen next?

  20. love love love!!

    plz put me on ur private list

  21. I love your story, I don't want you to ever stop, you shouldn't have to hide who you are for anyone.

    I'm glad you've decided on continuing it and going private.

    I hope I'm on your private list,





    please add me ;**

  25. can i come please?

    **ANGEL FACE**

  26. How does this private thing work? I would love to still be able to read your story. :)



    add me plz

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