Friday, March 13, 2009

MiAmor[7]-:The best way to forget your past is to reveal it-Starlight

When  I reached starbucks, I called him.
“BOO!” I screeched. 
“5ara3teeny!”-he talked back.
“ashkara la2”-I pouted.
“9idteeny..”-he laughed.
“wainick?tara ana bara starbucks!”-D
“uhhh..dishay.. ana il7een ma3a rfeejy”-J
“ 3ayal laish gitlee aye, 5ala9 barja3?!”-D
“ la la!”-J
I sat on the step.
“asti7y, adish 3arth laish?!”-D
“ya7lailch…agoola yroo7.. wella yhimich!”-J
“LA LA! Ana aroo7, 5ala9 ashoofick bacher aw shay!”-D
“may9eer chithy!3aib 3alay!”-J
“walla itha gitla y6la3 ana awareek!”-I threatened and laughed.
As I was laughing, an unknown number was calling.
“agool Jassim, fe an unknown number ga3d ydeg 3alay!”-D
“7a6ay convo”-J
“min9ijk?witha 6la3t rifeejty!”-D
“ok witha 6ila3 rayal ma3arfa?”-D
“ana ajawib”-he answered ib kiiiiiiiiiiiil birooda.
“LA! Ana.. 5alik sakit”-D
I convoed.
“na3am?mino ma3ay?!”-D
“o5och Nawaf!!”-N
“abe ra8m 7abeebch ily shiftah ib McDonalds!”-N
I shut the phone. OK! Mr.Stalker was going beyond his limits.
I stood up,and ran to my car.
Incoming call.Jassim.
“aloo..!”I said devastated.
“wainich?”-J… worried.
“im heading home..”-I answered. My jaw started to wiggle .My tears would come out any minute now.
“riday il jam3aa.”-J
“jassim akalmik ba3dain.”-D
I closed the phone.
DALIA! Ridaay il jam3aa.. 3ashan nitfaham!
JASSIM! No… not now. Ill call you later oo nitfahm!
Lat 5afeen mara7 y9eer shay
Hatha ilay ana 5ayfa min
Lat 7ateen,ill take care of it
I called while I was in a red light.
“shino no?”-J
“ibrasik hosha.. 5ala9 drop it. Its not worth it!”-D
“adree adree, ana bas batfahm ma3a!”-J
“min 9iji?witha yayib ma3a sicheena oo bi8ichk, 3ala sibat shino? Anaa…?”-D
“a7sanly amoot bidal ma ashoof hal zift oo il 7inch yitlazg feech!5an a’adba.. imbayn ina ahala mo imrabeena 3adl, hal jins!”-J
I sobbed.
“5ala9 5ala9, hadday balich… hal dmoo3 ma tiswa. Bas next time he messages goleely! Ana oo rab3y nitfahm ma3a!”-J
“5ala9 a7san”I said, while whipping my tears.
“bashoofich alyom?”-J
I reached home.
“I don’t think im in the mood to go out, sorry. 7ady mishtahya I sit and watch movies”-D
“haha 5ala9 3ayal, tamreeni ibshay?”-J
“lat 9ik il telephone””-D
“hahaha laish?!”-J
“madry… bas.. I feel…hmmm.”-D
“shino hahaa?”-J
“safe”-D….. my face flushed red.
“7ayatiii!! Tara im here for you, daymaaan! 7i6ay hatha ib balich!”-J
“mashkkooor walla matga9err!”-D
“agool Dalolity, ana il7een bil sayara ba7a6ch 3aal speaker, fa itha ma smi3tety 9ooty gooleely!”-J
At 8.
“china ma9a5’naha”I talked, while turning to the to the other side of my bean bag.
“hahah ra7 3alaich il filim!”-J
“Killa minik!”-D
“ana il7een baroo7 il dwainiya”-J
“la2.. I was having fun!”I said in a low voice.
“digeega bas abadel!”-J
“yalla.. 9alaina il 3a9r o il ma’3rb ma3a ba3th.. il7een li3sha.. ya7lailna tara!”-D
“haah eee walla!”-J
I listened to the water drip,I loved him for making me pray, and be close to God. I barely used to pray before, but know.. I just cant miss a prayer.
-we prayed.
“jassim.. I need to pee!”-D
*btw.. we avoided all the calls.. but not messages ;]*
“la fashlaa!”-D
“il7een 6ala3taay kil asrarich oo 3yoobich oo itgoleen fashla”-J
“hahahaha EE! Ba7i6ck yam my childhood teady bear, mara7 a6awl”-D
“ok haha”-J
5 minutes later.
“im back!!!”-D
“ana al7een badish il sayara…”-J
“ana il7een bafich il talfizyoon!”-D
-15 minutes later
“lil asaf”-D
“haha lat 5afeen lail7een mo goodbye!”-J
“messages… shfeech?”-J
“fine…. And I want updates”-D
“haman ana”-J
I smiled.
“yalla bye dalolty”-J
“bye jassommy!”-D
I blushed.
“int akthar..yala alla ma3ak!”-D
“ma3asalama ya 7ilwa!”-J
And we closed the phone.
-I really got to know him, in a day or so.. so much came out of my mouth. I don’t trust easily.. but he was just… special? And trustworthy.


  1. so2al - laish msawyita webdings whatever??? i had to copy and paste into word 3ashan i read this part. laish il3athab??

  2. shakleh this is a test to see minu 3ajbiteh il story. hahahahhaha

  3. Ah, when I saw my name I had the biggest smile on my face ever.

    Now if only I could read it :P


    Thank you, but try posting it again please.

  4. umm.. why was it posted this way ? :S

  5. you guys i dont know why and how it came out like that. In my safari it looked normal.

  6. sorry.. and i just fixed it.

  7. Awwh, I love it <3

    Jassim seems amazing, and Nawaf is scary! :P

    Funny how everything happens in Starbucks, I'm addicted to that place and in everybody's story there has to be atleast one part that takes place there :P


  8. Jassim eyanin, so sweet, so manly, so caring and mashalah 3laiah making her pray so adorable walla ;**

  9. all what love said.. plus laykoon this stranger zift is the one that's gonna kill him?:s i dont want him to diee please make a sudden twist oo dnt make him die:)(A)

  10. Starlight; hehe
    Love;** what you just said made me smile, its hard but thank you.
    Finicky; still.. the box hasnt been opened ;p i didnt want him to die.. heheh ill think about it though.