Saturday, April 4, 2009

MiAmor[12];it only takes a while until you realize your attatched

It was Friday morning.

Alah ma3k;*
Alyom bashofich?

Ee! Lazim idarisny

Wain tabeen?

Digeega, ill get back to you bas da2eeeeeeeee2a ya 7ilo ;p

“na3am 7abebty?”- she said while eating her 7ab and watching Tv.
“mama tirthain itha walad ya baitna 3ashan ydarisny?”-D
“shee darsich? Mino hatha ba3ad?”-M… her eyes popped
“ydarisny Accounting… mama ana sa86ita.. oo mafe tutors this time of month!”-D . I lied
“wild mino?”-M
“UH!! Ubo yshti8l ma3a uboch.. wala mo ibeedy roo7ay si2lay ubocch!”-M
I enter my dad’s office, while he lit his cigarette in the bin
“HALA HALA!”(GOOOOOOOOOD he was in a great mood!)
“baba fe sha8la lazm agolick yaha.. mo kbeera bas ya3ni !”-D
“amraay 7abeebtY! A9lan mita a5er mara dashaity hal ‘3orfa?”-B
“haha madry… bas baba hatho mo il mawthoo3 ahhaha “-D
“yala amraay”-B
“3ady waled iye baitna ydarsny il mada iley sa86a feeha?”-D
“na3aaam??min 7athrita hatha?”-b
“wild *****”-D
“ee uhh a3rf ubo… ay wa7d hatha fahood?”-B
“la2. Jassim… baba a9lan ib nig3ad bil sirdaab!!! Oo 7a6 camera ba3ad itha int 5ayf 3alay aw 3abalk ga3d achathb…!”-D
“la2, ath8 fech, bas 5aleeny afakr 3an il mawthoo3, lana 3omr’ha ma sarat hal sha’3la ma3ay! Madam 7ag dirasa.. 3ayal ok.. bas ashofa awal!”-B
“ee ok! Ya3ni 5ala9 agola iyey?”-D
“alyom baba”-D
“5ala9 ay sa3a?”-B
“ba3d arb3 sa3at aw shay”-D
“ee ok ana bakon mawjood 3ayal!’-B
“mashkoor baba!”-D and I kissed his forehead.
And left his office jogging with happiness.

3afya digega!

Can u come over and teach me ib baity?

Ba..itch?ahalich rathyeen?

Yupyup! I just talked to them

5ala9 3ayal.wara koora ayelich
Hahaha ;)

5 hours Later
“halla, ana bara tara!”-J
“ok im getting the door”-D
I ran downstairs, I wore my HUGE white t-shirt, with leggings and house boots, the really short ones.Oh and my big glasses… looking so dorky.
“HEY!!!!!!!!!!!”- I screamed as I opened the door.
We gave each other a fast hug.
“sha5brch”-J.. he said.
He wore his black hat, backwords… but not worn properly .. I don’t really no how to explain it.. but it looked very heart melting.. and with the smell of his cologne. He wore a black polo shirt, with jeans. With his ray ban glasses.
“babaaaaaaaaaaaa”- I screamed giving my back to Jassim.
“yala kaaaaany nazl!”-B he screamed back.
…. We small talked then my father came!
“halla walla shlonick sha5bark”
*they salimd*
“walla tamam ib 9i7a oo salama”-J
“obook……blah blah blah
I day dreamed while they had their talk.
My father invited Jassim to his office.
I went to get my laptop and went to the basement, and listened to music 3ala ma iyee!
15 minutes later.. YES 15!!!
He came downstairs.. with my father. MASHALA 3ALAY!!
“yala 5ala9 .. daris’ha abeha ityeb bil imti7an imya!!”-B
He came to the table.
And we small talked between the lessons.
Anyways after he was done tutoring me, and I got every detail! Because it came out of his mouth.. fa ya3ni how can I not memorize it? ;p
I opened my latptop
And put songs.
I rapped with them, and we started laughing.
LUNCHHHHHHHHHh was served!
When I came back from washing my hands, he put this song
And while I was returning I started dancing,turning and singing.
He gave me this glare iley from up lay down… the checking out one!
But I didn’t care and I didn’t stop.
He pointed at his lap.
And I raaaaaaaaaan to him and sat.
He put his arms around my waist
And I stared at him.And felt….


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    Fav. in my list
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