Friday, July 10, 2009

MiAmor[16]; When everything feels right...something always has to go wrong...

deticated too cupid.. iloveu;*
Incoming Call.


"na3ama torfisich , maygooloon na3aam igooloon .."-J

killa ma a5alee ikamil kalama.hehe
"Shtabeny agool... hi baby, hi cookie, hi boo?"-D

"5arabty mazajy.. zain chithy?"-J

6oo6 6oo6
"Jassim 3andy mokalima thanya"-D

"inzain!!... 3asa mo imra8ma rayal oo 5asha 3any?"-J

"afa 3alaik bes;)!!"-D
incoming call

"halla moma"-D ( she's my cousin)

"halla dalooy keef il 7aal?"-M ( mariam is the closest person to me, honestly.)
we talked on the phone for hours, updated each other, because she was the only person i trusted.
"mooma akalmich b3dain, il 7anna gam ydg"-D

"byeeeeeeeee love"M
"halla wallaaaa!!"-D

"Dalii laish matrideen???"-J

"asif, kint bil telephone, laish? kint 5ayf 3alay?"-D (chuckle)




"kint akalim mariam bil telephone"-D

"mariam? Ooooh 9aa7 moma haha"-J

"haha ee waink fe?"-D

"bil sayara, baroo7 il chalet!"-J

"deeerbalik haa mawa9eeek mo tasre3 oo itahawar"-D

"inshallaaaaah dalii yallaaaa adig 3alaich lama ao9al yalla bes 3ad baroo7 "-J

"haha ok kisskiss…..Arrivederci.."-D

"aurevoir hehe "-J

8a9abta igoolaa lanni kint wayed mit2ethra min 13 going on 3o! yahel i know;p


"DALIAAAAAAAAAAAAA mamaa nizlay ta7at!!"-mom
i forgot what i was doing ib hel moment i think kint ib my room asolif bes il mohem inna i was in my room.

"inshala yomaa!"-D

silence .... shisalfa?
"omii shooo shisalfaaaaaaaa????"M

" daloia 7abeebty tawhom dageen 3lay bait il faani....?"-M
"walaadhom shayfich bil jam3aa oo 7abich wayed oo al7een oma dagat 3lay yaboon ya56iboonich"M

"waaaaaaay dalooooooiitiii kibartaaaay maamaaa oo hathaaiil koosh nas in3arifhom minzeman oo ibooch wayed m3a iboo oo 3amaama oo igooloon 3anna mazyoon b3d"M

"haaaw shfeech taa7tay"M


"bes... mno ohwa , youma may9eeer ma3arfaa mabeee mabeee"D

"haaw shlon matabeena oo intay moshayfita ya omi may9eer 3ala il a8al shoofee oo kalmeee bacher ita7asifain laish ma5athaitee"

"inzain shisma?.7ata isma magilteeli shlon chethee"D

"huuff.... isma Fahad. Fahad il Flani"M
hmmm .....!!!!!!!!
waaaaaait waaait Waaaaaait PAUSE A3ARIF HEL ISIM WAAAIT WAAAIT WAAAIT!!!!!.........


  1. oh crap now u have to deal with J :(

    love the story by the way

    oo FIRST!!!!!

  2. la7'6a he is dead?! tawne garait the first post

    oo is it u in the story?

  3. MINO FAHAD !!!!!?

    mo khoosh cliff hanger !!! :P heheh cant wait for the next post !! ;**

    - love ya ;*

    - ps: the post was short (A)

  4. NOOOOO! who is fahad?

    i read ur reply on the other post. hehehe ee miskeen o5oy :P kaiiiifa! :P it was a big moment in blog history!! :p heheh

    love youuu tooo!

    cant wait to see what happens.


  5. am confused who is Fahad and who's dead? :(
    BTW I love LOVE ur story plz keep going o la t6awleen 3laina :P

  6. i read the whole story yesterday and im HOOKED this story is so magnificent because it makes me go through so many feelings ...sad, happy, laughter, etc ...jaaad 7ilwa elqe9a u should definitely NOT go private but if u still decide to go plsss do invite me im so interested in this story whether its true or it isnt....

  7. hi dalia , am dalloy .. laish wayed et6awlen :( :( :(

    love u

    pweez post soon ;|

  8. ok i just read the whole thing in one go ! and i like the story much ...and people halooo fahad 25oo jasim !!! a7m i kinda have a photographic memory *rolling eyes* yom yalsa tsta2then mn 2booha 3ashan jassim tutor her galha fahad ? galtla la2 jassim ...duuh people focus on what your reading at !!

    love your story waiting for the next post xD


  10. next post pls :( im wating
    yala 3ad im sooooo hooked ib your writing and i donno.. i need another post
    i lovethis storyyyy

  11. plsssssssssssss continue story...wayed mo2athira ow 7ilwa...

  12. weenich continue plz;(!! who's fahad?

  13. WhO is Fahad ? :S Is It The Stalker dude or her brothers frend :S
    loved the story <3 <3 <3

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