Saturday, February 21, 2009

To B

Hey guys.. someone I know practically begged me to post this on my blog cause she was desperate to show her friend how much today was a life changing event. Idiot.

To B-
I know you will be laughing about it when you see this, but I still think that today was the day we were suppose to die. I couldn’t help it that the stupid break wasn’t working! Your face that minute was priceless and I was about to pee on my pants when I parked the freakin car beside the mosque. Dude, we lost our appetite after we went to the jam3iya and got the “bl3a” food including the 2 huge ice cream buckets. I’m sorry that all the stuff in the car got flipped around when I turned the wheel o the kemawy bag almost went flying through the window. And after we almost got killed on the duwar I started to drive very slowly and then you suddenly screamed and told me to “DOOS SHWAY” cause apparently I was driving at 10kilometers/hour. And that was how we started the whole thing when you said “N.. DOOOOOOSAYYY!!!!!”

I love you B****

Your one and only,

P.S. I’m still sorry walla :)


  1. ok i had to reread it twice to understand what is going on !

    things flying around :P:P


  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOL you guys musthave had the time of your life hehe