Sunday, February 15, 2009


“intay 7ilwa”
“la!!! Ta3aly 3andy, abe ashoof il JAMAAL!”
“tikfa bas, ive had a terrible day today”
“shfeech 7abebty?”
“wait, aren’t you dead?”
“shfeech 7abeebty?”
I shut the alarm, and sat up. That was a really unusual dream.
I miss his voice, and the conversations we used to have.
I cleared the tears off my face, then grabbed my iPod, and went to the kitchen to drink some milk .
Then headed downstairs to where the pool was.
I dipped one of my feet in, and let the other fold. I hesitated while looking at the iPod; I can’t listen to music, NO! I don’t want to listen to any love songs; it just put a whole in my heart.
I lay on the floor, and started to think.
I was scared to do anything; I always thought he looked over at me.
I know for a fact that he is in a high spirited place, and feeling loved and contentment,inshala.
I needed to gain my strength back, I need to loosen up, and move on.
But it was just too hard for me, knowing that the person who died build me up and helped me through all my tough times.
I shared everything with him, and no one else. I had difficulties trusting people, but he was like an angel. Just telling him what I thought and what I was going through made me realize that
someone is there for me, and is helping me from falling.
We were Inseparable, and letting go would be the hardest obsession my heart can take.
I try not to let my past control my future, but it just comes back, and haunts me down.
p.s. Im sorry for the short post, the next post inshala will be long.
Enjoy xx


  1. i teared up... ;( ! eebachi il wa'6i3.. !! allah y3eenha inshalah

  2. allah yir7ima oo iy3eenich ... reading this brings back soo much memories. its hard losing sum1 u loved. even harder when u have no1 to talk to. i contemplated writing a blog. i need to let it out ya3ni i lost him soo suddenly. dude u made me cry..
    thnx for ur blog. makes me feel ina im not alone


  3. umbay thats so sad..

  4. allah yir7ima
    i'm so sorry your loss
    let it out
    o be strong
    we're here with you

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  6. 7aleeb Kakaw:Ameen.

    Anonymous:your not alone, your never alone. God is with you, just no that. And, your most welcome. I know that feeling, and its the most hatred feeling ever, hopefully once you pass it... you start easing.And trust me, the depression wont help,but prayers would.and indeed, it is hard, and thats why sharing it, puts less pressure on me. Thank you for reading XX

    JB: :Z

    ...: Thank you.I APPRECIATE THAT xx

  7. anytime :). everything did get better. hes always gna be a part of my life even tho its not like before. time has passed since the accident adn me finding out bas now his mom came to me oo galatli ashya2. uggh situations like this suck

  8. Can you please make the size of the font bigger its really tiny..thanx :)

  9. I was literally in tears, if this happened to you and you are writing about it jd mashalah 3laich for having the strength, if it happened to someone you know alah e9aber galbhum inshalah....

    beautifully written mashalah!

    p.s please do make the font bigger ;p

  10. i started to read this today after one of my friends recommended it..i teared up

  11. Anonymous:i understand. And its important,but it is also important to move on.i mean people in this situation have to accept that fact, as hard as it can be, we can be strong and face it. It needs time, alot of time. But once you heal, you'll know that someday you guys will meet, and hopefully that would be the best time possible. And haha yes those situations suck, but thats reality.And hopefully soon enough youll start to develope in it.Its hard, and only a strong person can handle it, and judging from my perspective, you are a strong person,never give up on that.

  12. Four me, Star;* : Thaaank you And Inshala i Will:)

    Silhouette Crime : =z, thank u for reading.

  13. I love this, Dalia!

    You've got serious potential in writing.