Monday, February 16, 2009


Out of boredom, 7ijazt an Indian movie in laila galary at 5 il ma’3rb.

At the food counter, I ordered caramel popcorn, and a sneaker bar with water, and took off to my seat.

 Meanwhile at the movie, I sobbed gradually, comparing me and him*. The Indian guy next to me offered me his napkin and asked if I were ok.

I screamed “ NO!!!!!”

I whimpered. 6la3t i3yoona miskeen wa3alaya!

I couldn’t keep it in me anymore, I had to tell someone. “LISTEN….”I screeched while a tear came down from my eye, tickling my cheek. People stared staring with curiosity, so I lowered my voice…


“This is how it all started….” * he grabbed hi popcorn* and I started to talk.


In college, on my way to class.

“DALIAAAAA!! Wait up!!”

I turned back, and smiled to shireefa; my friend from college.

“Halla shireefa!”

She held onto a guy, whom seemed shy enough to eye me.

“7abeebty Dalia, remember when you told me you needed help in accounting?


“Ka, yibtlich wa7d thaky ib accounting. He took an A in it, and 7abeebty I asked him if he would tutor you, and he didn’t have a problem…hmm like tutor you in the library.. shrayich?”

That’s so cute how shy he was.

“Um, walla 5oosh fikra,since im literally failing accounting and my ma9ry tutor isn’t heping at all, bs mita2kd ina its ok with you..? um…uh..?”


“ya ok sorry, is it ok though?”

“Perfectly fine, itha mafahmtay miny, goolay!”

“inshala, hehe… 3ayal tomorrow ate 3….?”


“ok yalla mashkooreen! I have to go, take care.”

Me and shirefa exchanged hugs and me and JASSIM just exchanged pleasant eye contact.

“bubye!” shirefa screamed.

Jassim was….pretty. When he smiled, his eyes squinted; he had those kind of lazy eyes. His nose was another story, his nose was not perfect, and they were a tad fat. His smile was stunning; every inch of hair in your body would stand up.mhm. And His lips were the kind of small/big lips, indescribable. But his hair that was under his hat was cute; a combination of wavy & straight. He wasn’t beautiful, but something in him just would catch your attention and makes you feel comfortable around him.

Next day at 3,

            I was on my laptop, typing my final essay. Just losing track of time. I got so tired. drinking a lot of coffee just didn’t help at all. I closed my laptop, and decided to head home. While I put my staff in the passenger’s seat, I kept thinking that I must have forgotten something. I checked my watch, and damn it... it was 4.


I took my mobile and ran to the library, but he was nowhere to be seen.

I called shireefa

             “7abeebty make it fastm im in class and im going to take a quiz now!”

            “send me Jassims number!”

            “ok, bubye!”



I messaged

            Hey sorry, honestly im so sorry I forgot about the time, a thousand sorries!-Dalia(the desperate accounting student)



            Halla Dalia,haha, ooo 3adi.. shta3wa ;p apology accepted. Bacher il sa3 8 il 9ob7, oo laa tinsain hal mara ;p!

I messaged

            Lat 5af, I won’t let you down.


  1. haha indian movie, i want to go watch one now. oh and i love jassim;**

  2. Please make them longer,its sooo good!

  3. thank you now I can read without sticking my face in the screen :p

  4. I love blog,

    Needless to say, your an amazing writer.

    & I'm sorry that you had to go through such a loss but hopefully everything will be okay soon if it already isn't.

    Keep smiling,


  5. i love that picture of the girl holding the heart, its so artistic;**

  6. I love reading your blog, but to be honest every time I start to read akoun 5yfa cause we know the ending and I am scared of the whole falling in love process and getting attached b3dain you know!

    alah yur7uma!

    great post 7beebty bs please tiny favor can you please change the font ;p


  7. just got introduced to your blog by love;** - loving it so far lakin wain il bagy?

    oo siktay 3anha love;** hathy - i love the font

  8. Jb; hahaa xx
    Hi my name is;**
    Anonymous; inshala
    FourMe; im glad :)
    Starlight; thank you for you generous make me smile:)
    Anonymous; thank you
    Love;** thank you.. n inshala. i love reading your blog... well this story is basically all the memories with him..
    3anooda; hahaha 3anooda welcome,im glad :)

  9. Galbi ga3d ye3awerni men al7een, it was too painful for me to continue reading, knowing the ending.